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Minolta M Rokkor 40mm f2 For Leica M Leitz CL CLE (Latest Version!)

Minolta M Rokkor 40mm f2 For Leica M Leitz CL CLE (Latest Version!)


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This is the latest version of the M-Rokkor 40mm lens with updated coatings and a different focusing cam.  I used it adapted to a Sony A7R III and it is an impressive lens at F5.6.



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is this lens still avaliab for sale ? 


Raul Jarquin


Hello, thank you for inquiring.  This lens was sold a while back but my listing/s auto-renewed.  It is a great lens and in fact I ended up missing it so I bought another copy.  It has a very nice rendition and it is quite sharp, specially considering its age.  It is also the smallest and most fun lens I own.  I use it adapted with a helicoid M to Sony adapter that lets me get very close to subject matter. 

Good luck with your search and feel free to ask questions.


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