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Cool Painting
Silk painting
12 x 15 inches
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After many purchases this was my best S model body find.  I could find some that had a perfect body but the viewfinder was foggy or showed a red cast.  I could find them with a clear viewfinder but faulty meter... etc.  This is a camera that has great cosmetics minus one very small scratch and a small dent that I highlighted in the photos.  The camera comes with case and strap as pictured.

Your opportunity to save months of looking for a nice camera with only a few cosmetic blemishes.

Thank you for looking!
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Robert Adams | Eden

Publisher: Roth Horowitz, LLC, First Edition , 1999
Edition: 1st Edition
Hardcover | 9.2 x 8.5 inches
Language: English

ISBN 1564660680

A delicate book featuring tritone images from film made  from the original photographs. The book contains a series of seventeen photographs made near a truck stop cafe in Colorado. 

About my books for sale in CollexArt:  The main intention behind my listing is to seed the CollexArt Marketplace and to create a listing style that others can follow.  Yes, these items are real and available for sale but please inquire with me first as I will have a hard time letting go of many of these titles 🙂
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