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  1. Time Left: 11 months and 6 days

    • FOR SALE
    • 9+ Shows few signs of use

    This set may be a ood opportunity for an artist that is getting started in this medium. I am not only including almost unused high quality Sennelier Egg Temperas but also a french easel and some extras (see photos). I played with it twice and I realized this was not for me. Ships to continental USA PayPal Verified Address Only Thank you for looking!


  2. Time Left: 11 months and 6 days

    • FOR SALE
    • As New: original condition as if it was never handled

    This is hard to find and coveted painting theory book in near new condition. Ships to verified PayPal address - Continental US only.


  3. Marvin, I enjoyed looking at your drawings and sculptures in your website https://www.marvinliberman.com/ As in previous times of turmoil and change, art helps us all understand and question the times we are living in. Thank you for your work and inspiration. I look forward to seeing how it continues to evolve. Un abrazo desde Maine, USA Raul
  4. Time Left: 10 months and 29 days

    • FOR SALE
    • 9+ Shows few signs of use

    Rollei 35 Classic Titan Edition 35mm Film Camera & Flash + / Ships USA and Made in Germany This unit is in top condition. It has been used by me with terrific results (Ilford B&W film) and It was always stored in a collectors optical cabinet. I have not experienced any issues optical or mechanical. The kit includes: Rollei Classic 35 Titan Edition made in Germany Rollei hard to find UV filter Third party light meter cover (saves batteries) Third Party high quality metal hood Third party metal hood plastic cap Original Rollei plastic cap Original case and cord Original Case cord (golden hardware) - (the extra cord in the pictures not included) Soft release button in titanium color to hide the golden release button (you can remove it to show the golden finish) Rollei matching Flash Unit Batteries Ships to continental USA Paypal confirmed address No returns but buy with confidence (see my history) Thank you for looking!


    - US

  5. Nice work Marvin. I paused in this drawing and reflected on the inspiration behind it. I can come back to it and see different things that change my experience of the work. Do you have more drawings? Maybe an album of just drawings also? Thank you, Raúl
  6. Hello Mcfly5781, You may consider uploading larger images for your album. Ideally, they should fit in a 1200 pixels wide by 800 pixels high container. A larger size would also work. Let us know if you need assistance preparing images. Raul
  7. Raul Jarquin

    Guided copy.jpg

    Love this series and I am looking forward to seeing more of it.
  8. Raul Jarquin

    Handmade photography book

    Photography competes with many art forms, but when it uses the book as a way to manage the viewers experience it stands out. A photo book becomes much more than the the sum of its parts. Every page provides new opportunities to morph the viewers experience. Like music, it can go in-crescendo, have overtures, moments of silence and more. As the pages flow the contents of the book create their own theater for the imagination. Holding a book, especially a hand made book makes the viewer feel like they are front row.
  9. Raul Jarquin

    Birds arrive

    Spring brings a variety of birds to the coastal areas of Maine. I await their arrival every year with my camera in hand. Photographing birds in a manner that is more than just a good portrait in good light or a good execution of the camera autofocus or tracking technique is a challenge. I am interested in bird images that give a little more context. I struggle with this subject matter and I am hoping to have a few "keepers" this year.
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    From the album: Birds arrive

  11. Raul Jarquin


    From the album: Birds arrive

  12. Raul Jarquin


    From the album: Birds arrive

  13. Raul Jarquin


    From the album: Birds arrive

  14. Raul Jarquin


    From the album: Birds arrive

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    From the album: Birds arrive

  16. Raul Jarquin

    Spontaneous Drawings

    My friend Felix Bernardino passed away recently. He left behind 1000s of drawings of the buildings of his home town, San Lorenzo de El Escorial (Spain). One day, I saw him sitting at a restaurant, drawing as usual. He said, "come sit down and join me for a beer." He was 95.
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