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    Art Calls - Awards and Recognition

    Artists often get discovered when submiting artwork to one of our Art Calls (5-6 during the year),  Our level II membership allows members to submit work to our Art Calls free of charge. Our Art Calls feature awards and recognition opportunities such as a Grand Prize Cash Award, multiple Purchase Awards, Artist Profiles, promotion in CollexArt Social Venues, and more .


    Online Exhibits and Profiles

    The curatorial team looks for artists and art that match the concepts and preferences related to the CollexArt exhibit areas.  Level II members may be selected for an Artist Profile Page  and an Exhibit Page when submitting artwork for the Art Store or to one of our Art Calls.  The CollexArt website features small exhibits featuring no more than 12 artworks at a time. We take this approach so that our site visitors experience a cohesive set of related work and are not overwhelmed by excessive content.


    Sponsored Artist Websites

    CollexArt level II members can request a Professional Artist Website.  These are fully functional and sophisticated sites that you can manage on your own.  CollexArt artist member websites feature a white minimalist color theme and display a "Sponsored by CollexArt" message at the top.  Some sample artist websites are:



    Member Showcase and Forum

    The new Member Showcase area allows level II members to upload small sets of images (albums) to showcase their artwork and engage others in the CollexArt community.  It is a great way to let others know about your ideas, projects and inspiration.





  • Member Showcase
  • Forum & PM (available to all registered users)



$149 for first year
$125/year renewal
  • Submit to CollexArt Art Calls free of charge throughout the year (5 or more in one year)
  • Sponsored Artist Websites - fully functional and sophisticated site that you can manage
  • Member Showcase - let others know about your ideas, projects and inspiration with images
  • Forum & PM (available to all registered users)



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