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  • Pool Party By Alexandra Zarins Rolls

    • $475.00
    • 9 months and 10 days  
    Artist:  Alexandra Zarins Rolls 19" x 19" Charcoal on paper One of a kind $475 2020
  • On the Road: Structures - 2nd edition By John Custodio

    • $30.00
    • 8 months and 23 days  
    I’m primarily a landscape photographer and for many years I’ve traveled to different parts of the United States, usually, but not exclusively, to the Southwest, to photograph landscapes, but with no particular project or unifying concept in mind. Among the resulting photographs would be an occasional landscape with an architectural or other manmade element. Many places where I’ve traveled to are in wide-open spaces and I seemed to be attracted to the lone structure, sometimes in the middle of no


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    The A & C Shop features curated crafts, projects and books.

  3. Materials, Tools and Gear - Art / Photo

    Do you have excess supplies filling up your studio or print space? Have an extra tripod? One easel too many? Use this space to sell your gear and materials to other artists.


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