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Found 4 results

  1. Marvin Liberman

    Traces 6, 2021

    From the album: Marvin Liberman: recent sculpture

    This piece creates a relationship between 2 forms, enclosed by it's wood structure. Because my previous series reflected being enclosed, as many refugees found themselves, I used branches in part to express that condition.

    © © Marvin Liberman 2021

  2. Marvin Liberman

    Traces/Huellas 2, 2020

    From the album: Marvin Liberman: recent sculpture

    This is the partner to number 3. More 'fragile' in appearance and lighter in color. Because I work in the realm of the tragic, each piece can be disquieting in their presence. And because my work is not descriptive, it allows viewers to interpret what is in front of them. I see my work as intimate and lit with a certain drama cast on them.

    © © Marvin Liberman 2021

  3. Marvin Liberman

    Traces/Huellas 3, 2020

    From the album: Marvin Liberman: recent sculpture

    This is the 2nd of 2 pieces that stand alone, yet hover near a wall. I think of them as male and female, though this is simply my own response to them. Once again implied movement is central to this work.

    © © Marvin Liberman 2021

  4. Marvin Liberman

    Traces/Huellas 4, 2020

    From the album: Marvin Liberman: recent sculpture

    Because I work with no initial planning, (both in sculpture and drawing) I never know what will evolve out of the wood structures that are intuitively built. It is only when the gauze fabric is applied and the color determined that I get to 'meet' what it is I've been making. In the end, they no longer need me, but live on their own, with their silent voices.

    © © Marvin Liberman 2021

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