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the smell of old books

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created this book a while ago



as i child i was always surrounded by books, i saw the portraits of the authors inside and  tried to imagine what kind of people they were and what they might have written about... and so i created a book of old book covers with portraits of not existing writers and poets to dream about what haven't been written yet.. it's dedicated to all creative souls.

i guess it gonna be a series i call: book of fictive authors/book of imaginary readers


about me in general: i love old paper, old books, i recreate and re-use, re-bind, put different pieces together, i make books of different sorts of paper, my sewing and cutting technique is far away from perfect but that's the way i want it to be. i fill my books with my drawings, my own texts and photos (mostly analogue shooted but printed digitally). i would love to exchange with other artists - maybe we can build sth together 🙂 look forward to feedback !


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Hello Krisko,  I enjoyed  going through the book of portraits in the 2020 folder 🙂.  The simplicity and minimalist Japanese side stitch binding works very well in complementing the patina of old books and also as way to welcome imperfections caused by age and use with an approach that does not try to be perfect.  I need to go through your other folders as I see you have many other altered book concepts.  

In the future you may consider adding an image with your post.  It may help raise interest. 

I am including an image of an altered book with Polaroids.


Welcome to CollexArt.

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